“Ten20 is very easy to use, we always get great results, and removing it could not be simpler.”
Monica W
Tampa, FL
“Ten20 stays in place well and I receive excellent signals with its use.”
Ann-Marie M.
Windham, NH
“Nuprep helps me achieve excellent signals without being too harsh on the patients’ skin.”
Ann-Marie M.
Windham, NH
“Have used Nuprep for 8 + years and nothing compares to it… wouldn’t change!”
Walter M.
Tampa, FL
“Skin prepping gel and products are fantastic and easy to work with. Thanks for caring for both patients and techs.”
Mary P.
St. Petersburg, FL
“We love Nuprep! The clean, green color of the Nuprep is so much more appealing than its predecessor- Omniprep. The low residue makes it easy to clean up.”
Pam P.
Stuart, FL
“I have used a lot of different products, Nuprep and Ten20 surpass all!”
Mary H.
St. Augustine, FL
“Love using Nuprep at the lab. Wonderful results!”
Katrina S.
Napersville, IL
“We use Nuprep on all our setups and the techs love it… they insist on using it on all patients!”
Joseph K.
“We have used Nuprep for years and love the product. Love the fact it lowers impedances without ‘scratching’ the patient… as well, Ten20 has staying power to last throughout the night. Thanks Weaver!”
Lisa J.
Raleigh, NC
“I would be lost without your products… thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work.”
Tiffany P.
“I prefer Nuprep over anything else… leaves no residue!”
Karen M.