Weaver and Company founded with one employee.


Introduced first product, Omniprep paste. Omniprep paste was designed to serve as a mild abrasive for skin preparation before neurodiagnostic and cardiodiagnostic testing.


Weaver and Company grows in size to four employees. In addition, a second product line was introduced, Ten20® Conductive Paste.


Introduced third product line, Nuprep® Skin Prep Gel.


Installed Myers Mixer for product mixing. As the popularity of the products continued to grow throughout the industry, production demands became increasingly difficult to maintain. This much larger mixer increased batch sizes sufficiently to accommodate demands.


Omniprep was discontinued due to Nuprep’s increasing popularity.


As Nuprep demands continued to rise, tube-filling became increasingly difficult to maintain. As such, a new automated tube-filling machine was installed.


With product demands increasing, more space was required to handle production and shipping requirements. So two additional nearby building units were purchased to provide for a dedicated shipping area, thus alleviating the space constraints on production. In addition, 3-pack boxes were introduced, replacing the shrink-wrapping of products. Thirdly, all languages of the instruction sheets were combined into one instruction sheet for insertion into all product packaging.


To keep up with Ten20 jar demands, an automated assembly line was installed to provide a jar-filling station and a jar-capping station. Also, a new purified water system was installed to speed up water output into the mixing tanks.


Weaver and Company grows to its current size of fourteen employees. In addition, an automated boxing machine was installed, significantly speeding up the process of packaging 3-packs of tubes.


Weaver and Company achieves ISO 13485 certification to provide more efficiency for the ever-growing international sales. Also, a new 2oz jar sample size was introduced for Ten20. In addition, the dealer shipping boxes were redesigned to save time, space, and packing paper.