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Product Removal

How do I remove Nuprep and/or Ten20?

Wash with warm water. Gently remove any large clumps of Ten20 from hair by combing out and then immediately rinsing with warm water.

I feel like I have Ten20 in my eye. What should I do?

Do NOT rub your eye. Immediately rinse eyes in hot shower to melt the Ten20. If irritation persists, please see your doctor.

How do I remove Ten20 from clothes?

Scrape off any clumps and then wash the clothes in very warm water.

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Product Ingredients

Do Nuprep and Ten20 contain latex?

No, Nuprep and Ten20, including the containers and packaging, do not contain any Latex. Please see our Latex Statement.

Do Nuprep and Ten20 contain animal parts, shell fish, gluten, or peanuts?

None of these items, including their by-products, can be found in Weaver and Company products. Please see our Material-Free Statement.

Where can I locate the list of ingredients for each product?

Ingredients can be found on all jars and tubes, on the instruction sheets, and on the MSDS’s.

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Product Purchasing

Can I purchase products on this website?

Yes, please see New Customer information. Products can only be purchased by hospitals, distributors, and other medical offices/labs.

How soon will my order arrive?

Most orders are shipped via ground delivery and should arrive with 3-5 business days within the United States.

What forms of payment does Weaver and Company accept?

Weaver and Company currently accepts checks, ACH, and wire transfers.

The Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) adds a 2.3% excise tax to medical device manufacturers. Will this tax be added to our invoices?

At this time we have no plans to pass this tax on to our customers and we will absorb the cost. However, we reserve the right to change this decision in the future.

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Product Storage and Packaging

What is the shelf-life of Ten20 and Nuprep?

All Weaver and Company products have a 3-year shelf-life. Please click here for more information on determining the expiration date of your products.

How do I store Ten20 and Nuprep?

Ten20 and Nuprep should be stored at room temperature and away from any locations subject to sudden temperature changes.

Are Nuprep and Ten20 susceptible to environmental influences like freezing?

Short exposure to environmental extremes are possible and in some months, likely. Documented reports of product quality changes have occurred with Ten20 and these occurrences seem to be due to exposure to cold for a period of time. The adhesive quality of Ten20 is reduced, the conductivity characteristics are often reduced, and there is a physical appearance of small white concentrations of material through the paste. It is easily re-mixed, however product does not come back to expected quality. No known health risk to the patient or operator occurs. There have been no reports of product quality changes with Nuprep.

Do Weaver and Company products include UPC codes for stock purchases?

Yes, all packaging is labeled with a bar code. Please see our UPC Code Sheet for additional information.

How are Ten20 and Nuprep packaged?

Ten20 can be purchased in 3-pack boxes of 4oz tubes, 4oz jars, and 8oz jars. Nuprep can be purchased in 3-pack boxes of 4oz tubes and 6-pack boxes of 25g tubes.

Where can I locate the Lot Number and Expiration Date on the products?

The lot number and expiration date are printed or stamped on every product container. Please click here for additional information on how to read lot numbers and expiration dates.

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Product Usage

Are the instruction sheets available in other languages?

Yes, the instruction sheets are translated into 11 languages.

How is Nuprep used for EEG electrodes?

Apply Nuprep gel to electrode site on scalp with cotton swab. Rub lightly. Do NOT over-abrade the skin. Refer to the Nuprep Instruction Sheets for additional information.

How is Nuprep used for ECG electrodes?

Apply Nuprep gel to electrode site with gauze pad. Rub lightly into skin. Remove excess with clean gauze pad. Do NOT over-abrade the skin. Refer to the Nuprep Instruction Sheets for additional information.

How do I use Ten20?

Place a small amount of paste on a clean surface such as a strip of surgical tape. Please just enough paste inside the electrode to slightly overfill it. Place electrode onto site and press firmly. Wipe off excess paste. Refer to the Ten20 Instruction Sheets for additional information.

Once I open a product container, how long is the product good for?

As long as the product is stored properly, it is good for the entire 3-year shelf-life. Please read this statement for more information.

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Is Weaver and Company ISO certified?

Yes, Weaver and Company is certified to the ISO 13485:2003 standard. Please click here for a copy of our ISO Certificate.

Are Weaver and Company products CE certified?

Yes, Ten20 and Nuprep are CE-certified products. Please click here for our CE Certification.